How many times today

While she walked out like a daring girl

In her heart where questions of why

Questioning when everything would come

To an end

She loved her dad

She never said no

It’s not right to say no

To the one who brought you up


She let the burning hot water flow

Clenching her skin

Hoping the water

Would wash away her sins

She let out a sound not many cared

Or maybe just not enough

Every night she screamed enough

I bet loud enough

For the neighbors to take a stand

Who would when all the care

Is the messed up drama

Made in their head

He left her for the dead

But all she was… 10

°sᴋʏ *ೃ༄


This was based on family rape, many girls have brought up to believe that they don’t have a right to say no. No matter what is asked of them, the answer they look for is always a yes.

They don’t understand they have a say in what they feel and the right to say no to what they feel isn’t right. They aren’t just these dolls that are to be used for they were born of your sperms and what not for its a scientific process.

“Your children come from you but not yours”

A child is a small seed that it meant to grow into a flower the the help of water and sun with the parents are supposed to be but sadly there are a few who pour way too much water and destroy the roots before even the plant has been allowed to bloom.

Justice they say

In the world’s of myth

A Crafted and diamond coated lie

Called Justice

There are still ones who crave it

Yet never learnt of their right to have it

In their eyes lies pure innocence

While in the others a dark mist of

Treacherous thoughts of one to ways

Of pain for their gain

While one is 80 the other is a mere 18

Though legal on paper Illegal in the heart

For she hadn’t lived enough nor take an wisp of freedom as it seemed way to dreamy to far out of reach

For in a few years she would be thrown in fire

Such a cruel fate

Yet no escape

Now explain to me the justice

You so speak of so called Justice

I don’t understand what it means

Above holds the beyond what reaches mere eyes and the reasons


Why I don’t believe

°sᴋʏ *ೃ༄


Hello this is my first blog, which I plan on making a series which talk about all the social injustices. This is like the starter, if you enjoy this please do comment I appreciate every input on becoming better and appreciation for whatever may catch your eye and go view my future blogs.

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